Sales Engineer 경력 채용


 미국 시민권자 or 영주권 소유자 (한국계가 아닌 외국인도 상관없슴)

★Documents for application

영문 또는 국문 이력서 및 자기소개서, 경력 기술서 (보유 기술 및 직무경험)

★Contact information

Phone: +82-2-6959-8714

Cell Phone: +82-10-7566-3944


We are actively seeking a critical team member within the Sales & Engineering group.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Mechanical Engineering or a related field is preferred
  • 3+ years of product demonstration or relevant experience in Semiconductor industry
  • Have outstanding skills presenting to both technical and executive audiences, whether impromptu on a whiteboard or using presentations and demos.
  • Be able to consult with clients, understand their needs, and assist in sales cycle/closing new business opportunities.
  • Must have qualification awareness with each prospective client. Have client awareness of who the decision makers truly are, and qualifying each opportunity.
  • Have hands-on expertise working with design engineers within the Semiconductor market
  • Create business plans to maximize sales opportunities within assigned key accounts and new potential accounts
  • Coordinate and maintain relationships at Key Accounts with multiple location sites.


  • Responsible for development and delivery of product demonstrations
  • Responsible for representing the product to customers and at events such as trade shows, conferences, seminars, etc.
  • Assist in writing technical materials for all products
  • Support our customers through the sales cycle along with our Sales teams and ensure their continued satisfaction with our platform
  • Meet regular sales targets and coordinate sales projects
  • Propose technical and creative business solutions in support of sales and marketing activities
  • Maintain a working knowledge of the industry and competitors to act as a valuable resource to the customer and sales team

Required Skills

  • Proficient in MS Office
  • Able to work well with others in a collaborative and respectful manner
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Speaking Korean language is a plus
  • Strong organizational skills; able to multi-task and deal with complexity on a frequent basis


  • Paid Vacation
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental & Vision Insurance
  • 401K Plan

Job Type: Full-time

Experience: Relevant, 1 year (Preferred)

Benefits offered:

  • Paid time off
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Retirement benefits or accounts
  • Flexible schedules
  • Workplace perks such as food/coffee and flexible work schedules
  • Others

Paid Training:

  • Yes

조철수/ Charles. Cho

상무이사/ Sr. Consultant


Phone: +82-2-6959-8714

Cell Phone: +82-10-7566-3944

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