[대한항공] 2016 미주지역 공개채용

2016.06.02 14:47

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대한항공 미주지역에서 2016년도 공개채용을 진행 중입니다.

입사지원서 마감일자는 6/6일까지입니다.

자세한 사항은 첨부된 파일을 참고해주세요.

대한항공 공채 공고문.pdf

Korean Air, established in 1969, is one of the world’s top 20 airlines and operates a fleet of 157 aircrafts that travel to 127 cities in 44 countries. It is a founding member of SkyTeam airline alliance which, together with its 20 members, offers its 612 million annual passengers a worldwide system of more than 15,000 daily flights covering 1,052 destinations in 178 countries.

Korean Air is seeking motivated and talented individuals to join and grow within our company.


1. About the Job


·         Position: Open Recruitment (Administration, Marketing, Sales, Etc.)

·         Job Type: Entry-Level, Full-Time


2. Available Positions

·         Human Resources

- Perform recruitment, education, policy development and implementation, employee relations

·         Administration

- Conduct administrative duties such as translation, facility management, purchasing, general affairs

·         Accounting/Finance

- Oversee accounts payable/receivable, budget allocation, revenue management, expense monitoring

·         Marketing/Public Relations

- Manage advertisement content development, strategy implementation, public relations, sponsorships, marketing campaigns

·         Sales

- Undertake account management/development, market condition and sales trend analysis, sales channel/new market exploration

·         Customer Service

- Provide airport passenger customer service, operate import and export airline cargo


3. What is Open Recruitment?

·         The purpose of Open Recruitment is to provide entry-level participants the opportunity to work in multiple departments and to develop as well-rounded employees in the airline industry. Participation in this program includes department and job duty changes, educational sessions, training, tests, and evaluations. In addition, all participants will be assigned mentors who will provide guidance to participants during their professional development

·         After completion of 6 months to 1 year of operations experience, you will be placed at one of the business units based on available vacancies and individual preferences


4. Location

·         Los Angeles, CA (JOB CODE: LAXDA1605OR)

·         San Francisco, CA (JOB CODE: SFOSM1605OR)

·         Washington, DC (JOB CODE: WASSM1605OR)

·         Miami, FL (JOB CODE: MIASM1605OR)

·         Atlanta, GA (JOB CODE: ATLSM1605OR)

·         Honolulu, HI (JOB CODE: HNLSM1605OR)

·         Chicago, IL (JOB CODE: CHISM1605OR)

·         Las Vegas, NV (JOB CODE: LASKK1605OR)

·         New York, NY (JOB CODE: NYCSM1605OR)

·         Dallas, TX (JOB CODE: DFWSM1605OR)

·         Houston, TX (JOB CODE: HOUSM1605OR)

·         Seattle, WA (JOB CODE: SEASM1605OR)


5. Requirements

·         Must be legally authorized to work in U.S. without sponsorship

·         Able to travel internationally for business and training purposes

·         Able to manage multiple projects simultaneously

·         Possess in-depth knowledge of sales quotas and revenue expectation structuring

·         Able to take initiatives to identify, prioritize, and implement all aspects required for the sales team to meet the annual sales target

·         Excellent communication skills, written and verbal


6. Qualifications

·         Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university

·         Fluency in foreign languages preferred

·         Previous airline industry sales or customer service experience preferred


7. Benefits

·         Discounted airline tickets

·         Medical, dental, vision, and life insurance, 401K

·         Paid vacation, sick days, and holidays


8. Others

·         Email subject line must include the JOB CODE of the location

·         Only qualified applicants will be contacted

·         Please send your resume to by June 6, 2016


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