Position : R&D Engineer, Telematics/Driver Assistance System Software

Hiring company : Merdeces-Benz Korea (based in Seoul Korea)

Reporting to : Head of R&D Team (German)



n        Bachelor’s degree in electronic, computer science or automotive engineering or an adjunct discipline.

n        Good communication & writing skills both in English & Korean

n        Skills in multi-cultural working environment and networking

n        Good MS office skill(especially Excel)

n        knowledge about Telematics or Driver Assistance system technologies or testing of electronic devices would be plus.

Job Objectives

n        Support of the series and pre-development of telematics systems in Korea.Testing and test support for telematics systems in Korea focused on market specific areas like Navigation, TPEG, Voice Control and Human Interface.Development support for telematics (on board audio, navigation, telephone systems) in Korea for Korean market.

n        Support of the series and pre-development of driver assistance and chassis systems (DACS) in KoreaApplication support of the research and development of driver assistance and chassis systems in Korea; Collection of business-unit requirements, definition of the testing scope, goal setting, planning of milestones, allocation of resources (vehicles, test equipment), project execution, result transfers, collection of lessons learnt.


Myung-sun Kim (Chris)

Representative Consultant & CEO

Honors Career International, Ltd

2F, COEX, World Trade Center, 159 Samsung-dong, Kangnam-ku, Seoul

Tel: 82-2-6000-4129 / Fax: 82-2-6000-4133 / Mobile: 82-(0)10-8992-8131

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