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2020.11.30 15:36

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Have you heard of Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT)?
s the central hub and the leading R&D center ofThe leading R&D center of Samsung Electronics.


We are the world top-tier research institute for developing the new technology paradigms.
With the world's best researchers in various fields, we focus on developing
the world-first and the highest quality techonology for the future generation.



 Please see the featured article on our technology innovations, in the second half of this year.


 `Samsung Leads Semiconductor Paradigm Shift with New Material Discovery` (Nature, 7/6/210)

 'Creating a new paradigm of technology’ (Nature Article, 7/23/20)

 `Samsung Electronics Develops Industry-leading Blue QLED Technology`(Nature, 10/20/210)

 `Samsung AI Forum 2020` (11/2/20)

 `Samsung Researchers Open a New Chapter for Holographic Displays`

(Nature Communications, 11/11/20) 



We especially value and foster the talented researchers with high potentials.
We promote the researchers to become the global leaders with top-class welfare benefits

and numerous career improvement programs.


We invite you to become a global researcher with SAIT.
If you are interested in or have any questions about our career opportunity,
please contact us by the email below.


We can accomdate a conversation with our researchers in your field of study for the career
development in SAIT.

 * Website:

 * E-mail :

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