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The National Security Agency is Looking for West Coast Top Talent 

WHAT: An invitation-only event for students to chat first-hand with NSA employees. Students can learn about the mission and variety of career opportunities, ask their most pressing questions, and even score an interview for the following day! All majors are welcome to apply – focus is on STEM, Data Analysis, Foreign Language Analysis and Business.

WHEN & WHERE: Two separate evenings:
  • Monday, Nov. 12 – Orange County, CA
  • Thursday, Nov. 15 – Silicon Valley, CA
HOW TO APPLY: For a chance to attend, students should email by Oct. 19 with:
  • A resume
  • Preferred networking evening location
  • A 200-word blurb explaining their interest in NSA
NSA will contact selected students directly with event details! 

WHAT: NSA hiring managers are venturing from D.C. to California to interview the West Coast's brightest! On-site interviews will be held for Computer Science, Engineering, Math, Foreign Language (Chinese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Farsi), and Businessopportunities. Upon a successful interview, students may even walk away with a conditional job offer from NSA!

WHEN & WHERE: Two separate days:
  • Tuesday, Nov. 13 – Orange County, CA
  • Friday, Nov. 16 – Silicon Valley, CA
HOW TO LAND AN INTERVIEW: Apply online at by Oct. 19 to the "Regional Hiring Showcase California" job posting (Job ID 30001085)

NSA will contact selected students directly with event details! 

NOTE: Students are encouraged to apply for both the Networking Evenings and the Interview Days! The application processes do not impact one another.
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134 [공지] 데이비스 학부생 신입생 환영회 (2022/7/9) 관리자 2022.06.28 1215
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132 재외선거사무 중지 결정 및 투표방법 안내 file 관리자 2020.03.30 1778
131 제21대 국회의원선거 유권자등록 file 관리자 2019.11.19 1716
130 [한화토탈] 미화학공학회(AIChE) 채용상담 사전신청 안내 (at 2019 AIChE Annual Meeting) 관리자 2019.11.01 1621
129 [Samsung Electronics] Social Innovation Idea Contest file 관리자 2019.04.26 1865
128 [현대자동차] 글로벌 탑 탤런트 포럼 file 관리자 2019.04.22 2517
127 [새크라멘토 역사특강] 천문으로 개천을 말하다 file 관리자 2019.03.21 1843
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124 [모집공고] 제 6기 유엔협회세계연맹 유엔본부 한국대학생 대표단 / WFUNA College Leaders at the UN: Korea 관리자 2019.02.19 1618
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122 LG화학 채용 설명회 in UC Davis (1/30) [1] file 관리자 2019.01.16 2669
121 KIChE US(한국화학공학회 미국 지부)-Chapter event at AIChE meeting 관리자 2018.11.02 2037
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